Poor Visbility Diving

Thought I would share a recent dive experience that meant diving in less than 5mtr Visibilty.

Yes, no one likes to dive in poor vis but even though I’m not a very experienced Diver, I soon found out that there is more to see than what is clearly in front of you.

My awareness of what was around me was heightened, meaning I was paying more attention to my surroundings,given it was a reef dive meant that I was very aware of how close I was getting to rock walls, overhangs etc,  my compass (good Refresher), my buddie and noticed more smaller marine life that I would normally, such as a number of nudibranches, smaller reef fish varies, the small corals starting their life.

It also made me be more conscious of checking my depth, my air and bottom time. A habit that all divers should have instilled in their memory bank from there training but I’m sure that there may be times when this may not occur as often as it should due being distracted by the wonders of the marine environment.

I have added an extract to this blog about the advantages of diving in poor visibility and hope that you can take away with you what I experienced for my self.

“So why dive in low visibility if you cannot see much? Diving in poor conditions will make you a far better diver as it tests and sharpens several of your diving skills. Underwater navigation requires great compass reading skills having no visual references underwater to navigate by. Divers need to keep in close contact with their buddies or you could easily loose him, and just remaining within communication range will challenge your diving abilities.”

Cheers Karin